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Window Cleaning Services

sep-iconWe are your Local Specialists for Window Cleaning Services in West Yorkshire:

It can be difficult to choose a company to rely on for window cleaning services. BSFM offer a highly experienced team with a range of commercial cleaning techniques in West Yorkshire. All professionals are trained and know window cleaning inside out, due to our extensive experience in this industry.

We deliver excellent standard services. Whether you are looking for a commercial cleaning contractor or a window cleaning service, we can do all types of industrial cleaning. You name a project and we can assist you, in keeping your property clean and tidy. Our technicians are equipped with a water supply of 100% pure water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We are equipped with the most up to date technology for the convenience of our clients.

Our window cleaning service will ensure that your windows are cleaned and their cleanliness is maintained, during the contract tenure. Whether you require weekly or monthly cleaning services, all clauses will be mentioned in the contract. We pride ourselves in meeting our commitments and highest standards of services. We will make sure that your windows are not only clean, but the ledges are free from any dirt and debris. It ensures a healthy and safe working environment for our clients.

BSFM uses products, which do not leave stains on the glass. The water used for cleaning the windows is 100% pure. Hot water is sprayed, which leaves a sparkling window. Reaching out at elevated levels is not a problem for us. We can use our Reach & Wash system to clean your windows at any floor.

When you agree to our commercial contract, you get friendly and courteous service each time we arrive for cleaning. We are always willing to go an extra mile to attain client satisfaction. We have maintained our quality and catered hospitals, schools, universities, grocery and retail stores.

sep-iconOur window cleaning services are rendered with the help of the following systems:

  • Traditional – As the name suggests, this is our most discreet and high level cleaning system used for internal and external window cleaning. We adhere to the safety laws at all times.
  • Reach & Wash – These are the modern safety poles using hot water systems for extensive cleaning and better results.
  • Access Platforms – Our equipment ranges from large truck mounted machines to light- weight devices to assist cleaning.
  • Cradles – We are fully insured for commercial window cleaning, throughout the city
  • Rope Access – IRATA qualified and fully insured team with rope and abseil access window cleaning.

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